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What to do with Used Moving Boxes…

When you are finished moving in Sarasota to your new home, you are often left with a lot of empty boxes. You don’t have to let your moving boxes take up space in your new home; there are lots of ways to put them to good use! One obvious use for your boxes is for storage. Seasonal clothing, Christmas decorations, and even vacation gear can be packed away into labeled boxes and stored up in the attic or in a closet until the time comes to pull them back out again. You might even want to use one big box to hold the rest of your boxes (folded and flattened) until your next move! Aside from being useful to store belongings, your used moving boxes can also be a lot of fun for kid’s arts and crafts projects. Building a big cardboard fort is one of many fun ideas your kids may find for your empty moving boxes after moving, and a fun time such as this is a great way for your kids to cut loose after a moving day which may have otherwise been not-so-enjoyable for them. If nothing else, you can post an online ad telling those in need of moving boxes that yours are up for grabs; this helps people who are moving find moving boxes and helps you de-clutter your new home at the same time!

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