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Tips for moving glassware

 When moving glassware this year for your move make sure you take all the right pre-cautionary steps to insure that nothing is broken during the process. Your local Sarasota Mover completely understands that moving is stressfull in general, especially when the packing process begins. Here are some guidelines for packing up that fragile china this move.

  • Try to have a 5.8 cubit foot carton to use.
  • Line this carton with bubble wrap and crumbled newspaper for the bottom.
  • Wrap each individual plate wiht glass wrap
  • In between each plate place a buffer such as cardboard
  • Fill to the top of this carton and when filled, layer the top with crumbled newspaper.

With these tips were sure that we can avoid the common break this year in moving your glassware. Your local Sarasota Moverlocal Sarasota mover is dedicated to making sure that this move is a stress free move.

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