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The Show Must Go On

Last night’s Academy Awards have come and gone, leaving home audiences sadly disappointed as is apparent from the unforgiving commentary scattered throughout the web and news stands today. The Oscars were essentially gutted and reformatted from the ground up this year, part of the objective was to appeal to younger audiences; hence James Franco and Anne Hathaway as hosts. As is quite often the case, new things don’t always work out the way they were planned on the first attempt.

Fortunately for you, professional movers in Sarasota of the highest caliber never try new things with your stuff! Modern moving techniques are mastered during training exercises which take place in our warehouse and with our own belongings. You’ll never receive relocation services with anything less than 100% effort from our movers. Franco and Hathaway may have been playing a different ball game than the game your movers play here in Sarasota, but it is a game we play daily and a game we play exceptionally well! Practice makes perfect; your professional movers know that next years Oscars will be a much better show!

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