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Smart Thermostat your Sarasota Movers Love

Of all the heavy energy users in your home driving up your electric bill, you may be surprised to know that your thermostat is likely the biggest offender of all. Your Sarasota mover is looking forward to a revolutionary new thermostat that is currently in production which learns from its ‘roommates,’ if you will, to provide the most efficient temperature control possible. Every time you move the wheel to adjust this smart little thermostat, it is compiling statistics which it uses to learn about your cooling and heating habits. It doesn’t take long after moving into your house for this little guy to be a maintenance-free fixture in your home that saves you serious money on your electric bill. Your Sarasota mover’s favorite feature is the ability users have to move its control wheel while away using his or her smart phone! Away on vacation and forgot to set the thermostat? No problem with the Nest learning thermostat!

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