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Sarasota Movers Help You Understand Moving Insurance

Your local Sarasota movers are fully insured. Not just experienced, not bonded, actually insured! So what does it mean for a moving company to be insured? It can be rather confusing for the average person as moving happens maybe once every year or less for most people. One important thing to understand about moving companies is that you want professional movers. You want an insured company because there are regular evaluations of insured moving companies; local moving companies that maintain insurance coverage are movers who have the least percentage of accident claims filed against them. Actually, reports that their affiliate moving companies have a claims/loss ratio which is 50% less than the nation’s average for moving companies; and yes, your family moving specialists are among the proud bunch of relocation service providers on that list of affiliates.

Moving companies which are insured have a much higher quality relocation service than most, but there is still information that you should know if you are looking to move any time soon. In most states, it is not permitted by law for moving companies, insured or not, to provide an actual insurance policy for their shippers (customers). “Basic protection” of your household goods provided by your Sarasota mover is a good thing, as it indicates a small percentage of claims, but only covers sixty cents per pound per article you are moving. What this means is:

  • Your mover, if insured, is not likely going to have any accidents while moving you.
  • Though your mover is insured, should any accidents happen while on the job, the moving company is limited by state law to offering only a small percentage of compensation which won’t likely cover the total cost of any accidental damage.

There are options available to anybody who is in the planning stages of a local or long distance move. One such option is to purchase an insurance policy which does provide ideal coverage of your property. is one such source for not only insurance, but also useful moving insurance information. Your Sarasota movers are devoted to providing your hassle-free and accident-free relocation services, but accidents can happen to anybody. If you have high-value belongings, purchasing a moving insurance policy might be a good idea for you. Regardless of your moving insurance decision, hiring professional Sarasota movers who are insured is the first step to a pain-free moving experience. What do you think? Check out our FaceBook page, ask us questions we’re here to help!

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