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How do you handle damages?

Damages are not something you plan for when moving. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember things do happen, so you should. When booking a move in Sarasota, I usually recommend adding additional insurance to your move. The moving industry is required to supply a minimal amount of insurance with each move. However, the required $.60 per pound, per item most often doesn’t cover repair or replacement. Adding additional insurance will help you with full coverage of your valuables.

If you didn’t insure your move, then you must contact your moving company with a report of the damages. They will in turn issue you a packet of information. This packet will most likely ask you to document your damages and provide proof with pictures. Once you’ve completed the packet, make certain you make copies for your own records. Mail the packet back to them. Certified mail is the only way to guarantee receipt. The Sarasota moving company or insurance claims office will contact you with a settlement for your damages. If in fact the settlement is not to your liking most movers offer arbitration.

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