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After moving to Sarasota, you have just submerged yourself into a world of beaches, sun, and tropical lifestyle. Let these factors be embraced throughout the holiday season! One of the most popular past times of Sarasota locals is collecting shells! All My Sons Moving & Storage states that “Shelling” is not only a pastime, it is a way to create affordable decorations and gifts. This is a perfect way to embrace your new city, as well as the season. Spread some sunny love to your friends and family with these seashell holiday decorating ideas.

Ornaments – Shells make perfect ornaments. Get creative! Paint a shell and add some glitter. Add your family’s names and new location to send out as gifts. Hot glue gun the seashells together to create snowmen, angels, and more seasonal characters. Add a hook and some holiday ribbon and you have an affordable gift for loved ones. You can also create these for your own tree. Spend the month before Christmas shelling! Try to decorate ornaments to fill your whole tree.

Wreaths – Decorate a wreath with seashell accents to create the perfect dynamic of holiday inspiration as well as a tropical vibe. If you are leaning towards a more tropical influence, just create a wreath entirely of shells!

Cards – Another one of our great holiday ideas is to create custom cards. Add a personally picked shell and make them unique to every person you sent them to! Get creative when you make your cards.

Pull in other beachy elements – You are bound to find sea glass and drift wood on the Sarasota Beaches. Bring these elements into your decorations. Use drift wood and shells to create a Christmas tree. Add sea glass to your ornaments or other decorations.

Adding a tropical feel to your holiday ideas and decorations will help you feel at home after moving to Sarasota. This beautiful new city you reside in is worth embracing!

Enjoy all that Sarasota has to offer with these excellent performances that are taking place throughout November. Embrace the holiday season by going to a show with friends or family. Come together while getting a little culture under your belt. All My Sons Sarasota residential movers suggests this is a great way to switch up your regular routine and experience something new. The arts in Sarasota will not disappoint.

Starting November 9th throughout the month catch the Million Dollar Quartet. This performance will take place at the Florida Studio Theater. Enjoy sounds of Sam Philips, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and many more!

What better way to get in touch with the upcoming season than going to see A Miracle on 34th Street? This seasonal favorite offers both a great way to celebrate the arts in Sarasota as well as the holiday season. Fun and enjoyable for the whole family, this performance will fill your hearts with joy.

The Decades Rewind is one of your Sarasota residential movers’ favorite shows. Beginning a little late in November, you can catch this performance from November 19 throughout the New Year. Enjoy taking a trip through the decades as this show will mesh together hit songs throughout the times!

Last on our list is Piano Man! Enjoy songs from Elton John, Barry Manilow and of course Billy Joel! Catch this show from November 30th throughout the New Year and embrace this portrayal of classics. Any Joel fan will appreciate this show!

Sarasota residential movers suggests looking into each performance to decide which one will suit you and your family’s interests the best. The arts in Sarasota are a great way to embrace not only the holiday season but your family as well!

If you are just moving to Sarasota, you are in luck! The fall on the central west coast of Florida is not too hot, but it is definitely not too cold either!

The temperature during the fall season in Sarasota is something that brings tourists and travelers to vacation in the area year-round. The fall provides the perfect amount of warmth without getting too hot. While this state does not necessarily see the seasons change, you can embrace fall in Sarasota a different way. While the rest of the country is starting to bundle up, get those bathing suits and beach bags ready! Sarasota local movers recommend getting outdoors with your family while the cooler weather sets in.

  • Sarasota beaches will not disappoint. Whether you have moved to Sarasota with friends or family, get some people together to hit the beach this October. You may experience a couple cold fronts here and there throughout the next few months, but you will be happy to hear that tank tops, bathing suits, and flip flops are a totally normal attire during fall in Sarasota.
  • Take advantage of other fun in the sun activities. The fishing is Sarasota is excellent, as is the kayaking. Walk up and down the beaches to go shelling; collect shells from the local beaches to create holiday cards for your family back home.

Sarasota local movers know that it is possible you could be missing some of the foliage of your hometown. Check out a local pumpkin patch, Oktoberfest, or fall festival to feel the fall spirit you may be missing after moving to Sarasota.

All My Sons local movers suggest marking your calendars for October 8 and 9, as this month, Sarasota will be hosting the BMX Supercross World Cup! Following the Olympic format from Rio de Janeiro, this Supercross World Cup will showcase some of the best motor cross athletes in the business. Many Olympic athletes from these past summer Olympics will be at the World Cup, making this one of Sarasota’s biggest October events.

After moving to Sarasota, All My Sons local movers highly suggest taking your family and friends out for an exciting weekend. Even if you are not a fan of motor cross, the event is one of the highlights of Sarasota’s October events and could be just what your family needs after a long move.

The event will be broadcast over 70 different countries, resulting in over 900 million television viewers. Entry fees range from $15.00 to about $75.00. You can choose your ticket price based on how much of the action you want to be involved in.

The BMX Supercross World Cup is one of biggest events in motor cross; having the event in Sarasota means people from all over the world will be traveling into Sarasota for the weekend. All My Sons local movers highly suggest getting out to the BMX world cup and having a good time, enjoying the show, and maybe even meet some athletes! This is going to be one of Sarasota’s biggest events, you do not want to miss out!

There is no shortage of awesome things to do in southwest Florida, but many of these attractions can be quite costly, which is why our movers at All My Sons Sarasota offers a list of free things to do after moving to Sarasota. Simply put, all of these activities are fun, and better yet, cost nothing!

 1. Spend the day at Bayfront Park in downtown Sarasota.

Relax in the shade while enjoying the beautiful views and breeze off the Sarasota Bay.

 2. Play some drums on the Sarasota beaches.

Drum circles often form on Sundays around 6 p.m. at Siesta Key Beach, and on Nokomis Beach on Wednesday and Saturday at sundown.

 3. Go see the manatees at Portosueno Park.

The yacht basin off of Palma Sola Bay is one of the free things to do in northwest Bradenton. Take the great opportunity to spot some sea cows mating after moving to Sarasota.

 4. Hit up the North Port Skate Park.

Test out your skateboard, bike, or inline skating skills at the skate park which features concrete bowls, ramps, jumps, and rails.

 5. Steal a kiss under the Kissing Statue.

The 26-foot-tall statue officially titled “Unconditional Surrender” is the perfect place for a kissing selfie with your loved one after moving to Sarasota.

 6. Search for shark’s teeth on Caspersen Beach.

One of our favorite free things to do is search for shark teeth. Locals and tourists flock to the beach to search and collect prehistoric shark teeth, which can decorate your Sarasota home or make for totally awesome jewelry.

 7. Go for a stroll through Towles Court.

After moving to Sarasota, visit the creative arts community in downtown Sarasota. The community hosts an art walk every third Friday of every month, from 5-9 p.m.

Our Sarasota movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage are excited to announce that our Bay city area is one of the ten finalists as the Happiest Beach Town in 2017. Yup, that’s right! The city of Sarasota is up for the title by Coastal Living Magazine.

The magazine stated that Sarasota has “big-city culture, great drinking and dining, and extraordinary white sandy beaches.” The magazine also said that Sarasota has a “stunning collection of midcentury modern architecture.”

The contestant for happiest beach town is beautiful with a gorgeous backdrop of crystal blue, Gulf waters. The beaches in our seaside city are beautiful and clean complimented with pristine white sands. Life in Sarasota matches the landscape, it is a very happy place to be. Alongside beautiful beaches and a happy community is the accessibility to shopping and great dining establishments.

Many Sarasota residents who are migrated from the north love the relaxed atmosphere that Sarasota has to offer. They all love the warm sunshine, beautiful beaches, as well as all of the amenities and opportunities the happiest beach town has to offer. Our Sarasota residential movers encourage those who are interested to vote and vote often! For the next twenty days until October 17, 2016, every fifteen minutes you can vote online, here, for Sarasota to be the Happiest Beach Town in 2017. Another Florida city on the list is Fernandina Beach, coming in second place with Sarasota in fourth place, but not by much!

Do you want to know the best part about moving to Sarasota? The fact that you’re going to make it just in time to enjoy your first Sarasota Labor Day Regatta!

The Sarasota Sailing Squadron (SSS) will host the 70th Annual Labor Day Regatta from September 2nd-4th. Considering the fact that this event draws in almost 1,000 visitors and 300 competitors ranging from ages eight to 80, you could say that you picked the perfect time to be moving to Sarasota.

Activities during the 70th Annual Sarasota Labor Regatta include five separate race courses, barbecue, live music, refreshments, and an awards ceremony. You don’t have to be a sailing aficionado in order to take part in the action; there will be sailing classes held throughout the event, along with members of the SSS roaming around the event who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

The SSS is considered a staple in Sarasota’s history, and prides itself on being “The World’s Greatest Sailing Club.” In total, the club has over 800 volunteer members. Chances are that once you finish moving to Sarasota, you’ll discover that more than one SSS member lives in your new neighborhood.

If you have kids, then look into the Sarasota Youth Sailing (SYS). This club encourages the sport of sailing, promotes the science of seamanship and marine ecology, fosters good sportsmanship, and helps children compete locally, regionally, and nationally.

With the announcement of this new Sarasota restaurant, there’s one more thing to get excited about when moving to Sarasota.

Destined to be the new hangout in town for Southern Food, Buttermilk Handcrafted Food is set to open by the end of September. This Sarasota restaurant prides itself on the four pillars of biscuits, grits, toast, and treats, the menu plans to have items such as biscuit sandwiches made with fluffy eggs, bacon, wilted dandelion greens.

This Sarasota restaurant has much more than just breakfast; the treats portion of their business will make you wished you had finished moving to Sarasota much sooner. Their selection of sweets includes oatmeal and pecan pies, sweet biscuits, and buttermilk and salted chocolate chip cookies. The owner shared, Jamie Otto, shared that “Our menu’s going to be small, but everything we’re putting out I am excited about.”

Once you finally try this Sarasota restaurant, you won’t want to leave. They are planning to offer Wi-Fi and charging stations so people will want to go to Buttermilk Handcrafted Food for more than just the food, but as a place to study, work, and hang out with friends. This will also be a great place to check out if your Wi-Fi will not be set up until after you finish moving to Sarasota.

After moving to Sarasota, you and your family may be tired or annoyed with each other from the moving process. If you did not use full-service Sarasota movers to make your move stress-free, then check out these tips on how to bond with your family after moving to Sarasota.

Gum Art: This activity is creative and quirky at the same time. Everyone chews a piece of gum, and then uses a toothpick to sculpt the chewed gum into a masterpiece. There should be various awards for every superlative, such as “most gooey,” or “most unusual.”

 Human Knot: This game is a great way to bond with your family, everyone forms a circle and holds hands with someone who is not standing next to them. Then, all participants must bend, twist, and maneuver to untangle the knot. To add an extra challenge, you can blindfold family members. This game is ideal for a larger group.

Cereal Box City: After moving to Sarasota, grab a bunch of empty cereal boxes, as well as art supplies. You can use tape, glue, paint, and scissors to work together and create a large cereal box city. Use recycled items, toy cars, and dolls to make it appear more realistic.

Jelly Bean Hunt: Spread a bag of jelly beans throughout the backyard. You can make them as hidden as possible. Then, assign each member a specific color, and urge each participant to collect as many jelly beans as possible. You can divide into teams if the group is large enough. Whoever collects the most jelly beans, wins. This is a personal favorite game of ours at All My Sons.

If you are moving to Sarasota and are concerned about making friends, then you aren’t the first person to worry about?this. Moving to a new city is a scary feat, and it is particularly challenging if you lean towards the introverted side. At All My Sons, we wish to help you make your move to Sarasota the very best it can be. Here are our suggestions.

Meet people through work. Put yourself out there at your job. Of course, you should make sure that you are on task and are productive, especially when you first move. However, when you are on your lunch break, you should put your best foot forward and ask a coworker out to lunch. You never know who will be your next closest friend, so give everyone a fair and equal chance.


Have a positive attitude. It is all about the energy you put forth with others. If you give off an inviting, open-hearted vibe, then people will naturally gravitate towards you. At All My Sons Moving & Storage Sarasota, we believe you should keep an open mind and be accepting of whatever turn of events occurs. Instead of resisting, go with the flow and you will see how the “flow” can bring you to an even better situation than you once planned.


Go out into the city alone. Don’t let your lack of friends in your initial period of moving to Sarasota stop you from going out and exploring. Do things because you enjoy them, regardless of if you?have company or not. Make yourself feel comfortable on your own, and making friends will naturally occur with time. Think about it: you won’t meet new people by staying cooped up in your house or apartment.