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You and your family have made the move to a new place. Congratulations! You made it through the stressful moving process. But now your new place is full of leftover packing supplies that you aren’t quite sure what to do with.


Well, Halloween is around the corner, so here are some Halloween costume ideas that you can create from those leftover packing supplies taking over your home.


Robot: Simple and easy. Moving boxes are perfect for the classic robot costume. Cut one hole on each side of the box for the arms to go through and one big hole at the bottom for your head. Flip the box over and place your head and arms in the holes, so the open top of the box is facing the ground. You can paint or decorate the box to create your best robot designs. The moving box can really be transformed into any kind of car, plane, boat, etc.


Popcorn: Put those boxes and packing peanuts to good use- create popcorn! Take a taller box and again cut a hole on each side of the box for the arms, and one big whole at the top for the head. Then take the packing peanuts and tape them all over the top of the box and paint them yellow. Paint the box to look like a red and white striped popcorn box. You can create a headpiece with packing peanuts on a headband for girls and can use tape and packing peanuts to add pieces of popcorn on the arms and legs.


Ballerina: Turn that bubble wrap into a tutu. You can use a belt, string or ribbon to create the tutu and tape the bubble wrap hanging down from there. Add a bubble wrap top if you are feeling ambitious. Otherwise add a pink tank top and some ballet flats and you are ready to rock!


Hope these Halloween costume ideas help you get rid of those extra packing supplies! Happy trick or treating!




Moving can be a draining and stressful process no matter how much stuff you have. Packing seems like a daunting task especially when you have to go out and buy packing supplies like boxes, tape, packing paper and bubble wrap. But before you drop a pretty penny on packing supplies from one of your local Sarasota moving companies, check out what you have at your home.


Newspaper is a great packing tool. You can use it as filler space in boxes so that items do not move around during the move. You can use it to wrap up valuables to avoid cracking or other damage. And if you have any items that may have an odor, (smelly shoes, pet supplies, etc.) you can wrap them in newspaper or put newspaper inside to soak up the scent.


Do you have a lot of clothes hanging in your closet? Don’t waste time folding and packing them in a suitcase. If you have garbage bags, you have your own makeshift wardrobe box. Simply place the garbage bag around about 5-6 hangers worth of clothes and tie it closed with the hangers out. Then carry it out and lay it on top of your other belongings. When you get to your new place, you can just stick them directly in the closet and take off the bag. Quick and easy!


There are many more moving products you probably have substitutes for at your home. If you are missing any packing supplies, just give our Sarasota movers a call. Our team has been ranked one of the top Sarasota moving companies and we offer high quality packing supplies and services to assist you with your move. Call us today and let us take the stress out of packing and moving.



Packing up your home can invite many unexpected costs, whether from obtaining packing supplies or accidentally breaking items along the way. This makes sticking to your moving budget more difficult than you planned. Instead of breaking the bank for your move, try these alternatives to bubble wrap, courtesy of your Sarasota movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage.


Easiest alternatives to bubble wrap:

Newspaper & Magazines

Newspaper and magazines are easy and inexpensive ways alternatives when it comes to packing up fragile items. Use individual sheets to guard individual dishes, and bunch up extra sheets to fill spaces in boxes and protect your items from breaking.


Wrapping Paper

If you come across out of season or old wrapping paper that you don’t plan to use, use large pieces to wrap around glassware, and scrunch up large pieces to serve as an extra padding inside each box.


Old clothes and bedding

Before you toss or donate your old clothes or bed sets, use them to wrap your most fragile items. They’re great for guarding against dings and nicks during the moving process. Try fastening blankets around antiques or fragile items with belts and ropes.


Resealable sandwich bags

Like bubble wrap, these can be filled with air and placed as cushioning to protect your breakables. What’s better is that you can reuse them once your move is over.


When you’re ready to get on the road and into your new home, call our moving coordinators at All My Sons Moving & Storage in Sarasota for a stress free moving process.


Stay safe during the moving process with these tips from the Sarasota movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage

Use proper moving supplies. Many people try to cheat the moving game by using random household objects to hold their items. The Sarasota packers at All My Sons Moving & Storage always recommend new packing supplies, as they make a big difference in your move. Instead of having that makeshift box break and fall onto your toes, use quality moving supplies to ensure your items stay intact, and you do too.

Use proper moving equipment. Helpful moving equipment such as a dolly can save you serious strain. Instead of moving boxes from one end of the house to the other, a dolly will bare much of the load for you. This will help minimize moving pains in your back and neck.

Distribute weight correctly. Make sure no box weighs more than 50 pounds, so that it can be lifted without strain. An extremely heavy box makes the process more difficult.

Assess the area. In your current location and your new location, assess the areas so that you can make note of uneven surfaces, slippery or grassy areas, and any hazards you may run into while packing or unloading boxes, including poles, branches, or sharp points. Doing this ahead of time gives you the opportunity to lay down traction mats and create an easier moving path for yourself and those helping you.

Moving day always comes with its unique challenges, so our team suggests you keep an emergency kit on hand. This includes band aids, aspirin, and medicated ointment.


To make your move easier, call us today and learn about our full packing services in Sarasota and the surrounding area.

Congratulations, you are finally moved into your new home or office! It may feel like the hard part is over, however now you are left with empty rooms and tons of packed boxes. The process of setting up each room and unpacking your boxes can seem stressful and overwhelming, but your Sarasota movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage offer the best tips on speeding this process up without the stress. If you want to unpack all your boxes fast, follow the steps below for exactly how to accomplish this.

Begin with a Checklist

You want to start by creating a list with the top priority boxes at the beginning followed by what can be unpacked last. You need access to your most important items first and by making a checklist, you’ll know exactly the order in which you should unpack. You can now take it one box at a time.

Get rid of Packing Materials

Try to throw away all packing materials that would get in the way during the unloading stage. Flatten the empty boxes into stacks to make it easy to discard them, or potentially store them for future use. You don’t want extra clutter around you when you are trying to unpack boxes quickly.

Stay Focused

You can efficiently unpack all your boxes by staying determined and focused on the task at hand. You want to set goals for each day of unpacking and how many boxes you want to tackle. You will feel very accomplished at the end of each day when you start to see progress.

The Sarasota packing services offered by All My Sons Moving & Storage aim to help make your unpacking experience as fast and efficient as possible. Follow these tips and stay on the right track!

Packing your belongings for a storage unit requires a lot of planning and prepping. However, your Sarasota movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage are here to provide you with the proper storage unit packing techniques – no matter how big or small your storage unit is. You want to effectively utilize the storage unit space while still providing enough space for you to access your belongings.

Store items in boxes with Labels

Boxes are the best way to store your items because you can easily stack them in the designated area. This will allow for the most efficient use of space if you are dealing with a smaller unit. It’s so important to label all boxes and we suggest printing out uniform labels that are easily identifiable on all sides of the boxes. We understand that you probably won’t remember where you placed each box, so don’t forget those labels!

Use Covers

Your storage unit can inevitably become dusty and dirty over time, so it’s crucial to protect your belongings with covers for your furniture while in storage. One storage unit packing technique would be to place an old sheet on the ground before you store any boxes or furniture. Moisture and dust can accumulate in the base of the area and you don’t want to find your items damaged after some time. You can opt to use our climate controlled storage facilities to ensure your items are kept in perfect condition!

Don’t forget to make a list of exactly what you will be placing in storage beforehand so that when you want to retrieve an item, you know where to look. Follow these tips for the best storage unit packing techniques for your move!



The All My Sons Sarasota moving company has some simple guidelines to get your home packed for summer moving. If you follow these 5 easy tips, you will get your home packed in no time!

  1. Put heavier items on the bottoms of boxes, and the lighter items on top. If the bottom of the box is heavier, there is less of a chance that it falls over. The same goes for loading the truck. Pack heavier boxes first or toward the front of the truck for balance.
  1. Don’t leave any empty space in the boxes. You should fill in gaps with packing paper, clothing or towels to keep your belongings from moving.
  1. The moving and packing experts from the All My Sons Sarasota moving company recommend that you avoid mixing items from different boxes in the same box. Your packing and unpacking process will be so much easier if you pack room by room!
  1. You should label each box with the room it belongs in and a brief description of its contents. This helps you know exactly where every box belongs in your new house. You should also keep a small inventory in a notebook so you know what you’ve packed, and to make sure you still have everything when you unpack.
  1. The best way to pack your breakables is to bundle them. Individually wrap your fragile items with packing paper, and then wrap bundles of five or six together with more paper. You should also use plenty of packing paper as padding above and below.

The Sarasota local movers at All My Sons want your kids to have the best birthday party at home this year! We have created a list with a few of our favorite kid’s birthday party themes which are sure to be a hit with the kids. You don’t even have to leave your house to have the best birthday party ever.


Throw a Pokémon themed birthday party for your child, and show them they don’t need a mobile device to play. This is the perfect time to create some DIY Pokeballs, Pikachu balloons and “Pin the Tail on the Pikachu.” The kids will love this theme because they will feel like they are a part of the series.


Disney’s Moana is the new craze on the kid’s birthday party themes circuit this year. A Moana party is a gorgeous one, with its tropical and floral setting. You can go all out in hibiscus flower everything! Some fun activities can include: hula dancing and limbo.


The Trolls have crazy hair, and love singing, dancing, hugging and cupcakes. This is exactly what the kids will love! Our Sarasota local movers suggest having a “beauty bar” and giving the kids wigs with the same hairstyle as their favorite trolls!

Star Wars

The force is still going strong for the Star Wars franchise. This birthday party theme will be a hit among the young jedis. You can have DIY light sabers, a Death Star piñata and a droid decorating station.

If you’re looking for packing services in Sarasota, it’s important to be weary of some of the moving scams that businesses can sometimes use to take advantage of customers. This is to no fault of the customer looking for a service – they have no idea that they’re being taken advantage of. For that reason, our moving and packing professionals at All My Sons Moving & Storage offer the following moving scams to be aware:

Request for Deposit

No reputable moving company will request a cash deposit before moving your items. A quality Sarasota moving company that offers packing services will not request payment until delivery. Paying cash up front offers you no assurance that your belongings are in good hands.

False Quotes

Someone making their first move to Sarasota wouldn’t know this, but there are moving companies that give out very favorable quotes over the phone that drastically increase on the day of delivery. It’s one of the more popular and well performed moving scams. Moving and packing service professionals will request an on-site inspection of the home before giving an estimate. Moving charges are based on weight and mileage, thus making a phone estimate very unlikely to coincide with the true costs.

Hidden Reputation

How often have you booked a hotel because the reviews were great? You obviously want to ensure your personal comfort and safety when on vacation right? It’s not much different when hiring a moving and packing services company. You want your valuables to be safe and delivered on time. While there will always be customers who have bad experiences or simply leave bad reviews on a company for no logical reason, there are still some businesses who practice underhanded acts. Those companies are rated badly with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and end up changing their company name several times. Scam artists are known to go by different aliases. Don’t be afraid to ask for references and perform a background check on the history of the company before falling victim to a moving scam.

For a quality, reputable packing services in Sarasota, contact All My Sons Moving & Storage today.

Some people think the best years of your life are during your youth—at All My Sons Moving & Storage, we tend to think otherwise. Our team of packing experts have seen an influx of retirees settling in from out of town, and we think we know why.

Sarasota offers retired individuals the opportunity to not only settle after working for so long, but a chance to live life to its fullest. With a bevy of activities to partake in, we’ve outlined exactly what you need to do to pack for your move to Florida’s hotspot retirement destination. Contact us to learn about Sarasota packing services today, and prepare for your next adventure:

Key Sailing is very popular in Sarasota. Pack some ocean loungewear and take advantage of the clear skies and smooth waters.

Golfing at Evie’s Family Golf Center is one of the best ways to spend the day. Schedule your tee time at this family friendly activity center. There’s fun for everyone! Be sure to pack your favorite clubs and practice working on your swing.

Wine Tasting at the Fiorelli Rosa Winery offers retirees a chance to sample a variety of award winning wines, and explore the manufacturing process of one of Florida’s best vineyards. Have a drink and a meal at this beautiful outdoor venue.

Tennis clubs are plentiful in Sarasota and a great way to keep the muscles in action for the more active individuals. When the movers arrive to gather your things, make sure to tell them to pack your tennis shoes and racket in the essentials box. You’ll want to hit the courts as soon as possible!

Contact us for a free quote on Sarasota packing services today.