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After moving to Sarasota, you and your family may be tired or annoyed with each other from the moving process. If you did not use full-service Sarasota movers to make your move stress-free, then check out these tips on how to bond with your family after moving to Sarasota.

Gum Art: This activity is creative and quirky at the same time. Everyone chews a piece of gum, and then uses a toothpick to sculpt the chewed gum into a masterpiece. There should be various awards for every superlative, such as “most gooey,” or “most unusual.”

 Human Knot: This game is a great way to bond with your family, everyone forms a circle and holds hands with someone who is not standing next to them. Then, all participants must bend, twist, and maneuver to untangle the knot. To add an extra challenge, you can blindfold family members. This game is ideal for a larger group.

Cereal Box City: After moving to Sarasota, grab a bunch of empty cereal boxes, as well as art supplies. You can use tape, glue, paint, and scissors to work together and create a large cereal box city. Use recycled items, toy cars, and dolls to make it appear more realistic.

Jelly Bean Hunt: Spread a bag of jelly beans throughout the backyard. You can make them as hidden as possible. Then, assign each member a specific color, and urge each participant to collect as many jelly beans as possible. You can divide into teams if the group is large enough. Whoever collects the most jelly beans, wins. This is a personal favorite game of ours at All My Sons.

If you are moving to Sarasota and are concerned about making friends, then you aren’t the first person to worry about?this. Moving to a new city is a scary feat, and it is particularly challenging if you lean towards the introverted side. At All My Sons, we wish to help you make your move to Sarasota the very best it can be. Here are our suggestions.

Meet people through work. Put yourself out there at your job. Of course, you should make sure that you are on task and are productive, especially when you first move. However, when you are on your lunch break, you should put your best foot forward and ask a coworker out to lunch. You never know who will be your next closest friend, so give everyone a fair and equal chance.


Have a positive attitude. It is all about the energy you put forth with others. If you give off an inviting, open-hearted vibe, then people will naturally gravitate towards you. At All My Sons Moving & Storage Sarasota, we believe you should keep an open mind and be accepting of whatever turn of events occurs. Instead of resisting, go with the flow and you will see how the “flow” can bring you to an even better situation than you once planned.


Go out into the city alone. Don’t let your lack of friends in your initial period of moving to Sarasota stop you from going out and exploring. Do things because you enjoy them, regardless of if you?have company or not. Make yourself feel comfortable on your own, and making friends will naturally occur with time. Think about it: you won’t meet new people by staying cooped up in your house or apartment.

The following musical events happening in Sarasota are some shows that you do not want to miss; whether you are a music aficionado or simply enjoy watching a good live show, there are plenty of events to keep you busy after moving to Sarasota. Sarasota movers say that the area is filled with new talent, so take a break from moving and unpacking moving boxes and check out the following musical events happening in Sarasota this summer.
1. The Venice Theatre is known as one of the largest community theatres in the United States, delivering high quality entertainment since 1950. The theatre is constantly providing some of the very best musical happening in Sarasota and the locals love the venue. From musicals to comedies and dramas, there is always a show worth seeing at Venice Theatre. This summer, see Robin Fernandez presents “Barbra and Frank at the Movies”, where you will hear the classics “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”, “Somewhere” and more, taking place on Saturday, July 16 at 8 p.m. and July 17 at 2 p.m.
2. Performances at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall. Sarasota movers suggest attending a performance at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall. With presentations ranging from all spectrums, you will not be disappointed by the spectacular Broadway musicals, international performers, world-class symphony orchestras, and more. During the Van Wezel Friday free outdoor summer concert series, enjoy a performance by Jah Movement on Friday, July 29.
3. Florida Studio Theatre. For some classic musical events happening in Sarasota, the Florida Studio Theatre is the place to go! Located in the heart of downtown, it is a great place to go and enjoy a great performance. Check out “Come Fly With Me!” The Sammy Cahn Songbook until July 10.

It’s time to celebrate the red, white and blue again! For this special weekend, local Sarasota movers have compiled a list of the best Fourth of July events in Sarasota for all of our new residents moving to town. From fireworks to music and races, there is something for the whole family to enjoy during this July 4th in Sarasota.

For some high adrenaline and speed, the Sarasota Power Boat Grand Prix festival is one Fourth of July event in Sarasota you do not want to miss! From boat races to block parties and more, the Sarasota Boat Grand Prix festival has plenty to get your adrenaline pumping this holiday weekend. On Friday, July 1, there will be a powerboat open practice taking place at Lido Beach from 11:45 a.m to 1:45 p.m, and a VIP race viewing at the sandcastle resort at Lido Beach.

On Saturday July 2, your Sarasota movers also suggest signing up for the Bradenton Marauders Stars and Stripes 5K Home Run. The race will be at Pirate City and is scheduled to begin at 8 a.m., everyone participating in the race is encouraged to wear dress items of red, white, and blue for the event. Everyone is a winner in this race; every participant will receive a commemorative shirt, as well as a ticket to the 2016 Bradenton Marauders July 2nd Independence day celebration.

For the best Fourth of July fireworks in Sarasota, you will not be disappointed by the Sarasota Suncoast. There are plenty of grand firework demonstrations that you should not miss after moving to Sarasota! Join the locals and see the fireworks over Sarasota Bay, where you can see them for free from Bayfront Park and Island Park, scheduled to start at dusk.


The Sarasota movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage wish you a happy and safe 4th of July!

Here in Sarasota, Florida our weather is a mixture of bright Florida sunshine with warm temperatures: the perfect combination. We have outstanding weather here most of the year and our average temperature year-round is approximately 72 degrees.

If you are planning on moving to Sarasota, the licensed movers in Sarasota want you to keep in mind that it starts to get hot in June all the way through mid to late September. Eight months of the year are significantly cooler than the “dog days of summer.”

So you may be asking “Depending on the weather, when is the best time to move to Sarasota?” This is a trick question considering the peak moving season falls during the summer months; however, these are also the hottest times of the year. Part of the reason why it is the best time for a summer move to Sarasota is due to kids being out of school. But, if you’re going to be moving somewhere with hotter climates, you will need to factor this into your moving activities.

To help you prepare for a summer move to Sarasota, here is a breakdown of the weather from mid-May to the end of summer.

Mid-May to Early June.

By early June, the Sarasota weather changes to one of a sub-tropical nature, and the humidity sets in coupled with high temperatures, which create a steamy environment.

Mid-April to August.

By the middle of April, water temperatures off the Sarasota barrier islands can reach 82-85 degrees, and by August the waters in the Gulf of Mexico are practically bubbling as temps reach 88-89 degrees. The upside to using your licensed movers in Sarasota at this time is the fact that the heat and humidity are tempered by warm sub-tropical breezes off of the Gulf, which create a summer paradise.


The summers in Sarasota are also known for their rainy seasons. Afternoon thunderstorms are normal almost every day due to the combination of high humidity and high heat throughout the day. However, the storms are widely scattered and end quickly, so you can see them developing from miles away over the Gulf and to the east, towards the center of Florida.

If you are planning on a summer move to Sarasota, our licensed movers in Sarasota believe it is best to be informed about the climate. To make your move easier, call All Sons Moving & Storage today to find out about our full service moving services.

When you think of Sarasota, Florida, you probably envision white sandy beaches, the bay along the Gulf of Mexico, and possibly a creeping alligator or two. The licensed movers in Sarasota realize that when you think of the beach town, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn’t Sarasota’s hidden culture with the stunning displays of live performances, breathtaking art collections, or a strong history with roots in modernist architecture.

Though generally a destination spot for older mid-westerners and northeastern folk we like to call snowbirds, there is a strong tradition in this Western Florida community of supporting and fostering the arts. This is largely in thanks to one-half of the Ringling Brothers, John Ringling, who along with his wife decided to plant roots in Sarasota and influence the whole city’s development in the early 20th century.

However, the professional movers at All My Sons in Sarasota, want you to know this is more than just a circus town, and here’s our proof.

  1. Outside Art.

The streets and alleyways in Sarasota are all littered with breath taking aesthetically classical sculptures that perfectly reflect the dichotomy between classicism and modernist representations fostered throughout the city. If you are out for a stroll or catching a bite of one of the many fantastic restaurants, you can’t escape Sarasota’s art.


  1. Performing Arts.

Possibly one of the most exciting parts of Sarasota’s hidden culture is the Sarasota Opera. The Opera offers visitors some grand world-class performances that match the caliber of those seen in larger cities. This thread of classicism woven throughout Sarasota continues on in the theatre as well. Not one, but two European theatres were broken down and sent to Sarasota, piece-by-piece.


  1. The Ringling Museum.

This museum sits on the grounds of John Ringling’s spectacular Venetian Gothic style home called Ca d’Zan, which is translated to “House of John.” This museum and the sprawling estate are a cultural and representative microcosm on multiple levels. Ringling spent a fortune to build it and fill the museum with art; trust us, it will make you wish that All My Sons Sarasota was moving you into this home! In Sarasota, there are countless activities and attractions to do in order to get a real sense of Sarasota’s hidden culture. Check out some of the things you must do once you move to Sarasota.


  1. Culinary Arts.

Here at All My Sons in Sarasota, our expert movers believe that there is no better way to experience culture other than through a place’s cuisine. Even in the edible sense, there is a fascinating mix up of classicism and contemporary approaches melting perfectly together. There are a plethora of European and Hispanic influenced restaurants littering Sarasota alongside restaurant’s serving up fresh approaches to Floridian produce coupled with refreshing cocktails.

If you just spent the tail-end of April using full-service Sarasota movers to finish unpacking all of your belongings and getting you settled into your new home, chances are, your mom or spouse is in need of some extra special pampering this Mother’s Day. As a newbie in town, if you are unaware of where to go to make your mom feel extra-loved this May, the local movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage have a guide to the best Mother’s Day Venues in Sarasota.

1. Table Creekside. After moving to Sarasota, no matter who you meet and no matter where, they will 100% know about Table Creekside’s amazing food. For a Mother’s Day brunch that is fit for a queen, Table Creekside has a brunch buffet on May 8 from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m., complete with dishes like The Parisian, Maine Lobster Benedict, The Cowboy, Elephant Ear French Toast, Steak and Eggs, and Mardi Gras. For more information, visit

2. Brasa & Pisco. Interested in trying something a little more different? From 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Mother’s Day, Brasa & Pisco will be featuring Mother’s Day specials for $60, which serves two. Let mom enjoy chimichurri, Spanish chorizos, skewers, octopus, ribs, salad and sides. Or, choose from their regular menu.

Sarasota movers know that mom may be tired after the whole moving process is complete, so if she expresses that she would rather stay at home and relax this Mother’s Day, how about cooking her up a nice meal, lighting some candles, and enjoying a movie in your new Sarasota home? For all of your moving needs, contact All My Sons!

Moving is never an easy feat, but moving to Sarasota can be really exciting since there is so much to do in town. Regardless of whether you are moving to Sarasota with your family, moving for college, or moving for a job, the Sarasota movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage want you to have the best moving experience possible. If you are moving this month, check out our list of things to do to celebrate Cinco de Mayo – Sarasota style!

1. Teepee Taco – If you are looking to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in a big way, in a venue that will be packed wall-to-wall and a line down the street, the very second your full-service Sarasota movers finished unpacking all of your belongings and get you settled in, you will want to call and make a reservation at Teepee Taco. Teepee Taco’s grand opening will be on Cinco de Mayo – so you can bet that every local will be there to celebrate and check out the new tacos and tapas venue.

2. Two Senoritas – Each year, Two Senoritas throws one of the best Cinco de Mayo parties in downtown Sarasota. Celebrating their 22nd year of Cinco de Mayo fiestas, this is one of the most popular Cinco de Mayo events that you could check out after moving to Sarasota.

3. Throw a party! Why not make the most out of your move to Sarasota and throw a Cinco de Mayo housewarming party? Invite your friends and new neighbors and throw a fiesta in your new home!

All My Sons Moving & Storage Sarasota has been in business for over 25 years. Our Sarasota movers are dedicated to providing the best moving experience possible, by taking the stress and hassle out of moving, so that you can focus more on getting your fiesta on!

Held annually in Sarasota, the Sarasota Film Festival is officially around the corner. Running from April 1-10, you can bet that everyone from longtime locals, new residents, and even your Sarasota moving company will be attending at least one of the days.

2016 marks the 18th year for the Sarasota Film Festival, meaning that you can expect the event to be better than ever. Named one of the top 20 festivals for documentaries in the nation, prepare to enjoy only the best 180 films, which include features, documentaries, shorts, and kid-friendly picks. This year, the Sarasota Fill Festival has included local kid-friendly programs, giving your kids the perfect break from unpacking with your Sarasota moving company.

Variety put it perfectly when they shared that “Visitors praise the sense of community the fest fosters, with a high number of filmmakers flown in.” Luckily, now that you have just used All My Sons Sarasota, you can let the filmmakers get flown in while you conveniently walk five minutes to the event.

Not only does the Sarasota Film Festival hold an annual event, they make sure that the love of film is fueled all year long; over 10,000 students participate in nationwide, award-winning education programs. Offering the community free year-round events and workshops, your Sarasota moving company will be the first to tell you that this festival is about more than just film. It gets the local community involved, fosters the creativity of Sarasota students, and brings something truly unique to the Gulf Coast.

Wondering how you are going to make Easter special for your little ones this year – even though all your belongings are in the back of your Sarasota mover’s truck?

Well, it turns out you have been worrying for no reason because not only does the SRQ have plenty of egg-tastic options for your family, All My Sons Sarasota has already waded through the events of the season so you don’t have to. After all, they don’t call us a full-service moving company for no reason!

All you need to do is have your Sarasota movers unpack your Easter baskets for you, grab your kids, and head to one of these Sarasota Easter egg hunts!

Jungle Trails & Bunny Tails. Sarasota Jungle Gardens will lend their 10-acre zoological and tropical botanical garden to the Easter bunny on March 25. From 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. all ages are invited to come enjoy the petting zoo, face painting, pony rides, delicious food, a meet and greet with the Easter bunny, and of course, one the best Sarasota Easter egg hunts you can find.

16th Annual Easter Egg Hunt & Games on Siesta Key. What better way to celebrate relocating to a new town with your Sarasota movers other than celebrating Easter on the beach? Enjoy your warmest holiday yet by heading to Beach Access Point #5 at 9 am for face painting, trolley riding, and egg hunting.

20th Annual Big Truck Day and Egg Hunt at Twin Lakes Park. The most unique out of all the Sarasota Easter egg hunts, Twin Lakes Park invites kids of all ages to come with their Easter baskets. Starting at 10 a.m., there will also be firetrucks, dump trucks, and more for kids to climb into.