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With spring break quickly approaching, the Sarasota moving company at All My Sons Moving & Storage know many parents are scrambling to figure out where they’re going to send their children during their week off from school. If you are unable to take off work to enjoy your children’s spring break with them, or if you’re looking for an entertaining activity for your kids, we recommend signing them up for the weeklong day camps at Sarasota Jungle Garden!

Sarasota Jungle Garden’s Zoo Camp is accepting registrations for its weeklong spring break camps, which will accommodate both Sarasota and Manatee county school breaks running through March. These camps are designed to educate and entertain animal lovers between the ages of 6 to 13. Children will have the opportunity to interact with the animals and learn what daily life is like as a zookeeper. All My Sons Sarasota moving company says this is the perfect activity for kids during spring break in Sarasota.

Camps are running from March 13-17 and March 20-24th, from 9 am to 4 pm each day. Extended hours are available, for an additional fee. The camps will be divided into two groups; 6-8 years and 9-13 years, all children will be supervised by counselors who have had extensive background screening.

Weekly camps are starting at $235, which include lunch and a snack. If you don’t want to sign up for an entire week, day camps are offered at $75 per day, which also include lunch and a snack.

The spring break camps at Sarasota’s Jungle Garden are also a great way for kids to stay entertained and supervised while parents unpack or finalize the moving process.

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, many couples are considering taking their relationship to the next level and moving in together. While your Sarasota moving company at All My Sons Moving & Storage can help you easily pack and move your items into your new place, we know moving in together can require a little extra work. Here are some tips to make moving in together easy and fun:

Only move in together for the right reasons. Our moving team does not recommend moving in together purely out of convenience. Start by having a conversation about why you think it would be a good step for your relationship, so you can ensure you are on the same page.

Plan finances ahead of time. Money problems can cause turbulence for a couple moving in together. Have an open conversation about how all anticipated moving expenses and bills will be handled throughout your move. Decide who will keep track of bills, who will purchase weekly groceries, and who’s name will be on the lease and utility accounts.

Be clear with your expectations. All My Sons Sarasota moving company suggests setting expectations for weekly chores, and being clear about what each person’s definition of “clean” means. Discuss how you will handle laundry, taking out the trash, and daily household tasks. Another important topic to go over before moving in together is personal space and privacy. Discuss how you will arrange your new house, or the habits you will get into to ensure you and your significant other can both enjoy some peace and quiet.

Once you’ve decided it’s time to move in with your sweetheart, call the professionals at All My Sons Moving & Storage for a free moving quote.

Living in Sarasota is one of the most sought after destinations to live in the United States. Its slower pace mixed with seaside vibes gives this beautiful place in Florida a unique shine. The city of Sarasota is one that has intracoastal waterways as a means of transportation. As the intracoastal waterway of Sarasota twists and turns throughout the city, residents and visitors can take a short boat ride to a local waterfront restaurant, or an hour ride to Anna Maria Island. But what if locals or visiting tourists do not have a boat? City officials have begun taking steps towards fixing this issue with the thoughts of a water taxi service coming to Sarasota.

A water taxi service is a great asset to any city with an intracoastal waterway; thus, beneficial to those living in Sarasota. Chief Planner for the city, Steve Stancel, told officials from the Sarasota Herald Tribune that a service such as this would only benefit the community. There have been two types of services are being discussed:

The first is a ferry-style service that would take patrons to or from Sarasota to Anna Maria Island. A $12 round trip fair would make this service affordable and assessable to the locals and tourists of Sarasota.

The next type of water taxi service that can be made available would be an on-demand patron calling service. City officials have stated implementing an Uber-like water taxi for those visiting and living in Sarasota. All My Sons Moving & Storage local movers have added that the transportation via waterway has an appeal that will not lose its shine!

Living in Sarasota will provide any resident with an abundance of things to do and see. The new year is a time to get out and explore your new community and see all that it has to offer. All My Sons Moving & Storage shares some of the upcoming Sarasota events in January that you should consider checking out! All of these events will be taking place at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall. This music hall is a landmark of Sarasota, and is definitely a frequented spot for those living in Sarasota.

Jay Leno – This beloved comedian and former host of the tonight show will be at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall on January 13, 2017 at 8 p.m.

Michael Bolton – Check out Michael Bolton on January 15, 2017. This Grammy Award winning artist is a fan favorite, who will never disappoint.

Elvis Lives – This performance will entice anyone with an appreciation for the King of Rock and Roll. This show mixes live performances with multimedia magic to take you on a journey throughout the life of Elvis Presley.

Riverdance in Sarasota – This international Irish dance team is one of the top Sarasota events in January you do not want to miss! Tradition meets innovation, as the dance team will astonish its views with the energy of this embracing dance! This Riverdance team will be in Sarasota on January 25, 2017 for three different shows.

While you are living in Sarasota, be sure to check up on the calendar for other events at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall. There is a regular schedule of events that will be sure to please you, your friends, and your family all year long!

Moving during the holidays can be doubly as stressful as during any other time of the year. If you are moving to Sarasota, Florida from a northern state, this is going to be your first holiday season at a warm beach town. It can seem strange at first, the hot weather and all the winter sunlight, but it is also a great time to take advantage of the outdoors!

If you plan to move to Sarasota and stay for a while, then be sure to pack a swimsuit and leave most of your winter clothing at a storage facility. Although it can get chilly in Sarasota, for the most part you will be enjoying the sun and the beach more and you won’t need a winter coat at all.

The same applies for some of the winter equipment you have gathered over the years. You can put that snow shovel and those snow tires into a storage unit at any of the All My Sons locations across the U.S. because you won’t need it after moving to Sarasota. Or, consider selling your winter equipment in order to have more money towards your moving expenses.

As you will come to find, the beach is a great place to frequent after moving to Sarasota. Rather than being stuck indoors and surrounded by snow, Sarasota locals are still out and about during the holiday season. Take some of that stress from moving during the holidays away by visiting our sandy beaches and mingling with the locals.

For everything else, trust our Sarasota movers while moving during the holidays to get you here and in your new home safely!

Did you forget to pack the holiday decorations for your house? Local Sarasota movers have a few tips for you to decorate your home this holiday season. Strap in and prepare yourself for the holiday decorating tips of the year!

-Pay attention to window decorations and make a splash in your neighborhood. Decorating your window is cheap and it won’t require you to get anything out of all those moving boxes.

-Grab a few pieces of white cardboard and cut them into snow flake shapes of different sizes. Put those in the window and presto, it’s a winter wonderland in Sarasota, Florida.

-Moving to Sarasota, Florida means saying goodbye to snow (if you came from up north). But, you can bring a little winter aesthetic to Florida with snow in a can. Ask your Sarasota movers where the closest Target or Walmart is and start your holiday decorations for your house!

Inside the house, you don’t have to be as picky. Most people should know that you are in the process of moving, so no one is going to judge you about a lack of holiday decorations for your house.

-Make your house smell like the holidays with scented candles. Choose whichever scent reminds you the most of the holiday season!

-Head down to Goodwill or Walmart, and buy a few small things to remind you of the holidays; whether it is a wreath, a menorah, or a Christmas tree, get something small and make your holiday decorations simple in your new home.

Happy Holidays from the Sarasota movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage!

After moving to Sarasota, you have just submerged yourself into a world of beaches, sun, and tropical lifestyle. Let these factors be embraced throughout the holiday season! One of the most popular past times of Sarasota locals is collecting shells! All My Sons Moving & Storage states that “Shelling” is not only a pastime, it is a way to create affordable decorations and gifts. This is a perfect way to embrace your new city, as well as the season. Spread some sunny love to your friends and family with these seashell holiday decorating ideas.

Ornaments – Shells make perfect ornaments. Get creative! Paint a shell and add some glitter. Add your family’s names and new location to send out as gifts. Hot glue gun the seashells together to create snowmen, angels, and more seasonal characters. Add a hook and some holiday ribbon and you have an affordable gift for loved ones. You can also create these for your own tree. Spend the month before Christmas shelling! Try to decorate ornaments to fill your whole tree.

Wreaths – Decorate a wreath with seashell accents to create the perfect dynamic of holiday inspiration as well as a tropical vibe. If you are leaning towards a more tropical influence, just create a wreath entirely of shells!

Cards – Another one of our great holiday ideas is to create custom cards. Add a personally picked shell and make them unique to every person you sent them to! Get creative when you make your cards.

Pull in other beachy elements – You are bound to find sea glass and drift wood on the Sarasota Beaches. Bring these elements into your decorations. Use drift wood and shells to create a Christmas tree. Add sea glass to your ornaments or other decorations.

Adding a tropical feel to your holiday ideas and decorations will help you feel at home after moving to Sarasota. This beautiful new city you reside in is worth embracing!

Enjoy all that Sarasota has to offer with these excellent performances that are taking place throughout November. Embrace the holiday season by going to a show with friends or family. Come together while getting a little culture under your belt. All My Sons Sarasota residential movers suggests this is a great way to switch up your regular routine and experience something new. The arts in Sarasota will not disappoint.

Starting November 9th throughout the month catch the Million Dollar Quartet. This performance will take place at the Florida Studio Theater. Enjoy sounds of Sam Philips, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and many more!

What better way to get in touch with the upcoming season than going to see A Miracle on 34th Street? This seasonal favorite offers both a great way to celebrate the arts in Sarasota as well as the holiday season. Fun and enjoyable for the whole family, this performance will fill your hearts with joy.

The Decades Rewind is one of your Sarasota residential movers’ favorite shows. Beginning a little late in November, you can catch this performance from November 19 throughout the New Year. Enjoy taking a trip through the decades as this show will mesh together hit songs throughout the times!

Last on our list is Piano Man! Enjoy songs from Elton John, Barry Manilow and of course Billy Joel! Catch this show from November 30th throughout the New Year and embrace this portrayal of classics. Any Joel fan will appreciate this show!

Sarasota residential movers suggests looking into each performance to decide which one will suit you and your family’s interests the best. The arts in Sarasota are a great way to embrace not only the holiday season but your family as well!

If you are just moving to Sarasota, you are in luck! The fall on the central west coast of Florida is not too hot, but it is definitely not too cold either!

The temperature during the fall season in Sarasota is something that brings tourists and travelers to vacation in the area year-round. The fall provides the perfect amount of warmth without getting too hot. While this state does not necessarily see the seasons change, you can embrace fall in Sarasota a different way. While the rest of the country is starting to bundle up, get those bathing suits and beach bags ready! Sarasota local movers recommend getting outdoors with your family while the cooler weather sets in.

  • Sarasota beaches will not disappoint. Whether you have moved to Sarasota with friends or family, get some people together to hit the beach this October. You may experience a couple cold fronts here and there throughout the next few months, but you will be happy to hear that tank tops, bathing suits, and flip flops are a totally normal attire during fall in Sarasota.
  • Take advantage of other fun in the sun activities. The fishing is Sarasota is excellent, as is the kayaking. Walk up and down the beaches to go shelling; collect shells from the local beaches to create holiday cards for your family back home.

Sarasota local movers know that it is possible you could be missing some of the foliage of your hometown. Check out a local pumpkin patch, Oktoberfest, or fall festival to feel the fall spirit you may be missing after moving to Sarasota.

All My Sons local movers suggest marking your calendars for October 8 and 9, as this month, Sarasota will be hosting the BMX Supercross World Cup! Following the Olympic format from Rio de Janeiro, this Supercross World Cup will showcase some of the best motor cross athletes in the business. Many Olympic athletes from these past summer Olympics will be at the World Cup, making this one of Sarasota’s biggest October events.

After moving to Sarasota, All My Sons local movers highly suggest taking your family and friends out for an exciting weekend. Even if you are not a fan of motor cross, the event is one of the highlights of Sarasota’s October events and could be just what your family needs after a long move.

The event will be broadcast over 70 different countries, resulting in over 900 million television viewers. Entry fees range from $15.00 to about $75.00. You can choose your ticket price based on how much of the action you want to be involved in.

The BMX Supercross World Cup is one of biggest events in motor cross; having the event in Sarasota means people from all over the world will be traveling into Sarasota for the weekend. All My Sons local movers highly suggest getting out to the BMX world cup and having a good time, enjoying the show, and maybe even meet some athletes! This is going to be one of Sarasota’s biggest events, you do not want to miss out!